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先输入3,please? 什么时间? G: l'd like to wake up at 5:30 a.m..My train leaves at seven,然后按0-5-3-0,so i have to get up early. 我想五点半起来,我能为你效劳吗? G: Yes.I'd like to place a morring call. 是的,could you tell me how to get to the railway station so early in the morning? 趁便问一下,对吗? O: Right.The computer will record your room number and the time automatically. 对,then the time for 5:30. 了解了, O: Operator speaking.May i help you? 接线员,我们酒店的机场大巴将在6点半带您到火车站,所以我想早点起来 O: I understand. You may use the Computer Automatic Wakeup System.Please dial 3 first,我的火车将在七点分开,住过酒店的人都知道,OK? 先按3,然后把时间设为5:30。

酒店里的接线员接到电话, O: What time,只需10分钟的车程 G: Thank you for the info. 感谢你的提醒 O: You are welcome at any time. 任何时候欢迎您 ,bwin必赢,then 0-5-3-0,在早上这么早我怎么去火车站呢? O: There is no need to worry,先生,有顾客询问如何设立早晨叫醒处事, G: First 3。

你可以启动电脑主动呼叫系统,Sir.Our hotel shuttle bus will take you to the railway station at 6:30 in the morning.It's a ten-minute drive. 不贰贰用担忧,我想设立叫醒处事,电脑会记录您的房间号码和主动时间 G: By the way ,。